Monday, December 31, 2007

Stretchy and squashy

Well, first of, I wish you happy holidays, and happy New Year.

I've been rather busy with Christmas and holidays in general so I practiced a bit with squash and stretch.

As you can see in the example with bouncing ball, there is no sense of weight and ball seems to float up and down.

In this example I introduced squash effect and motion is more believable, IMHO

Now, to summarise squash and stretch is an exaggeration effect, used in animation to describe mass of an object. Light object don't stretch too much. Also, since it describes mass, it is used to describe all properties of mass, primarily inertia.

Inertia is a property of a body to continue in state it is in, until force is introduced to the body.

Squash and stretch are used to describe inertia when speeding-up (stretch) a body or slowing-down (squash).

When body is still and there is no speed to the body, S&S effect is not needed.

Well this is all for today. Now I'm off to welcome a New Year! All best!

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