Sunday, January 06, 2008

Walking.. The process...


I thought to give some examples of drag, but I ran into some problems. While I figure them out, I thought to make my first video of how I do things.

Maybe some could give some pointers, or I could help some one else. Anyhow, I thought to give it a go.
This is video of my first walk. I did translating of the body from one end of the screen to the next, showing only body and the legs.

Arms and head would come next as a secondary motion.
Feel free to watch :) and comment (please comment)

You can download SWF file here (just choose save as... option)

Refinement of the process will be following, hopefully very soon.
This is Low-max rig for the 3ds Max with head, hands and instructions hidden. Many thanks to the author!!!

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