Sunday, December 09, 2007

My little public animation school

After a long time I'm finally concentrating on my animation skills.

Frankly I'm not satisfy and I'm determined to develop them from the ground up.

This is my Lesson plan, that I'm going to try and fill in next few years, publicly, on this blog.

I'm going to use this blog to force myself to find the time and do the exercises, although my time is divided between my work and my family life.

So, this is the plan:

Lesson plan

12 principles of animation

Squash & Stretch



Straight ahead and Pose-to-pose

Follow through and overlapping action

Slow in and Slow out


Secondary motion



Solid drawing


Simple animation



Physical excurses

Complex motion



Various emotional states

Analysis of silent movies

Facial animation

Emotional expressions without sound


Complex acting

11 second club

I'm hoping that some of you who find yourself on this page find the time and kindness to suggest types of excursuses or modifications to the plan that could be helpful on my path of learning.

Also, I hope that you will frequent my blog and comment on the excursuses.

I'll try and do 2D and 3D excursuses as much as possible, at least for 12 principles. But if it gets time consuming I'll orient toward 3D.

Ok. I guess this is it, no turning back now. Wish me luck :)

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